Papers and publications


Markov Processes with Jumps on Manifolds and Lie Groups (PDF, 340KB)
(co-author: Ming Liao) Geometry and Invariance in Stochastic Dynamics, pp. 25–46.


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(co-author: Trang Le Ngan) Potential Analysis 49, pp. 479-501.
Authors' comment (PDF, 96KB)


Probabilistic trace and Poisson summation formulae on locally compact abelian groups (PDF, 392KB)
Forum of Mathematics
29, 501-517.
Corrigendum (PDF, 160KB)
Forum of Mathematics 29, pp. 1499-1500..


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Authors' post-publication comment (PDF, 52KB)


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(co-author: Jan van Neerven), Infinite Dimensional Analysis and Quantum Probability 18, 155003. (12 pages)

A generalised Gangolli-Levy-Khintchine formula for infinitely divisible measures and Levy processes on semi-simple Lie groups and symmetric spaces (PDF, 374KB)
(co-author: Tony Dooley), Annales Institut Henri Poincare (Probability and Statistics) 51, pp. 599-619.
Authors' post-publication comment (PDF, 118KB)

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(co-author: Jan van Neerven), Electronic Journal of Probability 19, paper 11 (17 pages)
Author's post-publication comment (PDF, 57KB)

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Probabilistic Approach to Fractional Integrals and the Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev Inequality (PDF, 335KB)
(co-author: Rodrigo Banuelos), in "Analytic Methods in Interdisciplinary Applications'', Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics, vol. 116, pp. 17-40.
Authors' post-publication comment (PDF, 97KB)


Aspects of Recurrence and Transience for Levy Processes in Transformation Groups and Non-Compact Riemannian Symmetric Pairs (PDF, 141KB)
Journal of The Australian Mathematics Society 94, pp. 304-320.
Authors' post-publication comment (PDF, 50KB)

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Author's post-publication comment (PDF, 38KB)

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Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 384, pp. 331-348.
Author's post-publication comment (PDF, 73KB)

Infinitely Divisible Central Probability Measures on Compact Lie Groups - Regularity, Semigroups and Transition Kernels (PDF, 241KB)
Annals of Probability 39, pp. 2474-2496.
Author's post-publication comment (PDF, 41KB)


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Robin Hudson's Pathless Path to Quantum Stochastic Calculus (PDF, 170KB)
Communications on Stochastic Analysis 4, pp. 481-91.
Author's post-publication comment (PDF, 15KB)

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(co-author: Markus Riedle) Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, 101, pp. 697-726.


Universal Malliavin calculus in Fock and Levy-Ito spaces (PDF, 275KB)
Communications on Stochastic Analysis 3, pp. 119-141.

Some Lévy Properties of Semigroups of Measures on Lie Groups (PDF, 195KB)
Semigroup Forum 79, 217-228.
Author's post-publication comment (PDF, 84KB)

Asymptotic Stability of Stochastic Differential Equations Driven by Levy Noise (PDF, 185KB)
(co-author: Michailina Siakalli), Journal of Applied Probability 46, 1116-1129.

Extending Stochastic Resonance for Neuron Models to General Lévy Noise (PDF, 120KB)
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 20, 1993-1996.


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Bulletin of the London Math Society, 40, pp. 1038-1044.
Corrigendum (PDF, 133KB), 42, p. 948 (2010)


Covariant Mehler semigroups in Hilbert space (PDF, 156KB)
Markov Processes and Related Fields, 13, pp. 159-169.
Author's post-publication comment (PDF, 26KB)

On the infinitesimal generators of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes with jumps in Hilbert Space (PDF, 247KB)
Potential Analysis, 26, pp. 79-100.

Levy processes and stochastic integrals in Banach spaces (PDF, 174KB)
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Author's post-publication comment (PDF, 65KB)

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Journal of Applied Analysis, 13, pp. 275-90.


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Methods of Functional Analysis and Topology, 12, pp. 101-112.


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Martingale-valued measures, Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes with jumps and operator self-decomposability in Hilbert space (PDF, 254KB)
Seminaire de Probabilites, 39, pp. 171-97.
Author's post-publication comment (PDF, 47KB)


Levy processes - from probability theory to finance and quantum groups (PDF, 169KB)
Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 51, pp. 1336-1347.